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Beginnings: A Brand New Year

Christmas 2018

Hello friends! This is my first blog post (EVER) so please bear with me. My intent on starting a blog is to simply connect with others on everything from #health and #wellness to #parenting to being a #mompreneur and other little things that mek up our lives sprinkled in there (i.e. #food because who doesn't like food?).

So to introduce myself, my name is Dr. Ashton Popple, and I am a family chiropractor located in Gretna, Nebraska. I have an awesome husband, Dylan, and two cute and wild little boys, Ellis (4 years old) and Roman (10 months old). My third baby is my practice which I had opened in Summer 2018. Opening and operating your own business is SO MUCH harder than I ever thought but it is so worth the blood, sweat, and tears. I decided to open my own practice rather than go into an associateship because I wanted to be able to treat patients the way I had envisioned while being able to work hours that were a good fit for my young family. I love being able to spend time in the evenings and weekends with my family!

Our family has a lot going on with two little guys. Our oldest, Ellis, was diagnosed with #Autism and #SensoryProcessingDisorder a little over a year ago so we keep busy with therapies and treatments along with trying to navigate our way through something that is so different for every person on the spectrum. His needs are much different from the next child and things change (sometimes by the week) so we are always kept on our toes. Ellis is the funniest, sweetest guy ever and his love for elevators, garage doors, and negotiation is going to make him the best engineer/lawyer combination ever some day. ;)

Our sweet and silly, Roman, is crushing milestones left and right and about to walk (WHAT?!) He is a pretty easy going guy unless he's hangry. He is just trying to keep up with his big brother, loves to laugh, and loves to explore. We are pretty blessed to have been gifted such awesome kids.

My husband, Dylan, has worked for the same plumbing wholesaler company for over 10 years and is a whiz with numbers. He makes a mean black coffee, helps me with housework (HUGE WIN), and is one of the kindest and most genuine man you'll ever meet. We have been together now for 14 years and have conquered a lot of awesome things in those 14 years!


I knew from a young age that all I wanted to do was to help people. When I truly found my purpose, things fell into place in my life. Helping others achieve true health through chiropractic and health counsel every day is beyond amazing and I feel so blessed to have found something that I love so much. I hope I will be able to share relatable information, advice, and even some laughable moments with you. Hope everyone had an awesome New Year and is ready to take on 2019 with an open heart and mind!

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