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Life Happens FOR You

The Honda made the news that night.


So I love the Ed Mylett “MAXOUT” podcasts…like, Fan Girl love. If you are ever in need of some serious, kick-your-booty inspiration, listen to this guy. His love for his faith, family, and purpose aligns so well with my beliefs that I am so grateful to have found him! Ed says a lot of impactful things but one of my favorite things he says is that, “Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens FOR you.” It’s all about changing your perspective and your mindset on the situations, trials, and adversities that come into your life.

A very impactful situation that happened FOR me is one of the biggest reasons I decided to pursue a career as a chiropractor. In the fall of 2011, I was involved in a pretty serious car accident. I was driving my Honda Accord going eastbound through an intersection at about 40 mph since I had a green light when a pickup truck going northbound at about 45 miles per hour ran the red light, hitting my driver’s side door, spinning my car into oncoming traffic. Neither my side or front airbags went off in my car and my seatbelt did not hold me back. This led to me first hitting my head on the windshield then on a second impact, hitting my face on the steering wheel. I was in shock when people started to run towards my car and I kept blacking out. Once the firefighters were on the scene, they had to use the jaws of life to get me out of my vehicle. When I arrived to the hospital, they performed series of tests and scans. I had a serious concussion, had two fractures in my nose, and severe whiplash.


Day Four Post Accident. I had a lot of swelling but this was better than the previous days.


It took my body almost a year to feel “normal” again and I owe most of my relief and return to normal function to chiropractic. Because of the concussion and whiplash injuries, I had began to suffer from debilitating migraines and vertigo. If I were to have solely utilized a drug-based protocol for the pain I felt, it’s likely I would be on opioids or narcotics which leads to nothing good. I am grateful that I had a chiropractor in my life that took care of me in a way that no other doctor could. It took a long time, a lot of visits, and a few setbacks but going through that taught me that to truly stabilize a trauma like what I had been through takes time and patience. I continue to have mild neck pain, headaches every so often during stressful times, and migraines once or twice a year; but with regular adjustments, stretching, and supplements to help support my body, I find relief and have proper function. What I had gone through was one step that pushed me towards a purpose in helping others achieve the same amount of true relief and wellness that I did through chiropractic care. It provides me with empathy and compassion for others who have faced similar traumas because I understand their pain and frustrations with wanting to feel like “normal” again. This accident was tough on my physically and emotionally, but I truly believe that it happened FOR me. If it hadn’t, I probably would not be where I am today, living and loving my purpose, helping others find their own true wellness.

So whatever the trial or situation you are going through right now is, remember that in the deepest of the valleys is where your faith and trust grows the most. If you allow yourself to shift your perspective, learn, and grow from it, you will be able to serve others with your empathy and wisdom. And THAT is purpose.

Love & Gratitude,

Dr. Ashton

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