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"Dr. Ashton is AMAZING! My son struggled with a bit of torticollis once he was born which started to affect the shape of his head. We were pretty confident we were going to need a helmet for him until we started meeting with Ashton. Even just after his first visit with her he started laying on his head differently and turning his neck like he hadn’t ever done before. Our son ended up not needing a helmet all because of her! On top of that breakthrough, she could not have been sweeter or been any better about answering all the questions I had. It was always so nice to also have my toddler entertained by the receptionist I couldn’t recommend her enough. She is the absolute best and we are so grateful for her and her heart for this." 


"Dr. Popple is truly amazing at what she does.

She is caring, compassionate, understanding, knowledgeable, and great at the care she gives. If you are suffering from any neck/back pain, or headaches, schedule an appointment today!

You truly will NOT be disappointed!" 


"I am someone that takes a long time to switch things over once I've gotten use to something. Doctors, hairstylist, etc. I worked for 2 chiropractors in Council Bluffs for 4 years, but now work and live in Gretna. I had been driving to CB for the past 2 years for the simple fact of not wanting to try to find someone new; but finally decided I needed someone closer as I had been experiencing severe lower back spasms with pain, and my headaches were increasing again. The occasional wellness checks weren't going to cut it for me. I am SO glad that I found Dr. Popple. She has been amazing!! I started seeing her about 2-3 weeks ago and have experienced so much relief. My headaches have decreased and she even purchased a supplement to let me try to see if it helped with them. I have suffered from severe tension and cluster headaches that often last for days for many years now. My low back has gone from spasming several times in the day to just once or twice in the last week and a half. It's been nice to be able to just go over my lunch break to get adjusted quick, but also have the personal attention I may need for my muscles as well. She has been very easy to work with and I highly recommend her! Thank you Dr. Popple for the incredible experience I've had so far and I look forward to continuing my wellness journey with you!" 


"Dr. Ashton has been a tremendous help with our little guy! As an infant we dealt with digestive issues and found a solution in diet to help him be more comfortable. Then working again with new tummy troubles a year later when transitioning to cow's milk. She is wonderful with little ones and always helps our little man feel better! Highly recommend." 


"We started seeing Dr Ashton Popple in October, 2019. The first thing you will notice immediately is how she establishes relationships. You aren't there to just "get adjusted". You're there for her to offer recommendations to move forward with your ADL's and how to maintain healthy lifestyle. My youngest son has a minor history of ear infections, and he's been on a couple rounds of antibiotics. I started entrusting in her care to help minimize the frequency of these. At my son's latest well-child check, his pediatrician said his ears looked the best he had ever seen them. I firmly believe this was because of Ashton! We love her! Walking in their office, you definitely feel like you're their only patient."


"I started seeing Dr. Popple while I was pregnant, and she was a LIFESAVER. Not only did she keep me straightened out, but she provided me with stretches and tips for how to make day to day life more comfortable. I’m now a new mama, and she’s continued to help me feel my best so I can care for my girl. I’ve told numerous friends that I not only love her as a chiropractor, but she’s also like a therapist I usually leave her office feeling encouraged and energetic!"


Dr. Ashton can't be beat! She is so kind and amazing at what she does! So happy I was referred to her for my baby and me. Her assistant Emily is also the best! Can't recommend enough! 


I look forward to my visits with Dr. Ashton and Emily! I always leaving feeling refreshed and relaxed. I initially sought treatment for some sciatic pain and unbalanced pelvis due to post partum shifting. Her gentle approach was effective and after some persistence my pain and discomfort has completely subsided. Now I continue my visits because it makes me feel balanced and like I am continuing to prevent future misalignment! It is always a treat to visit!


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