What to Expect in Our Office

new patient consultation & exam

Dr. Popple will review intake paperwork with the patient. A thorough examination will be performed along with x-rays, if indicated. Dr. Popple will gather the first visit's information and create a treatment plan for the patient that will best fit the patient's health needs and functional goals. On your second visit, Dr. Popple and her staff will go over all financial information for the entire treatment plan so that the patient knows exactly what to expect. 


Dr. Popple utilizes a variety of adjusting techniques based on doctor recommendations and patient preferences. Chiropractic adjustments help to decrease any nervous system dysfunction, improve mobility in the spine and/or extremities, and decreases tightness in muscles. 


Intersegmental traction may be utilized as a therapy service if indicated in a patient's treatment plan. Intersegmental traction helps to mobilize both the spine and the soft tissues surrounding the spine. Traction also helps stimulate important acupressure points along the spine to help aid in the healing process. A variety of other soft tissue techniques may be used to help decrease muscular tightness and adhesions, promoting better treatment outcomes.


Needle-free or needle acupuncture may also be utilized to complement the adjustment. Needle-free acupuncture is used with a special electrical instrument and works just like traditional acupuncture needles in a fraction of the time. Important acupuncture points are stimulated to help improve the healing process.


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